User Interface

To customize the user interface salesforce has a number of ways.

  • Point and click : Using drag-and-drop tools and simple point-and-click the Salesforce web and mobile interfaces are highly customizable

  • Visualforce : While using these Web technologies HTML, Javascript, and CSS you can create completely custom UIs.

  • Lightning : Salesforce's new Lightning technology includes Lightning Components, Lightning App Builder, Lightning Experience, and Lightning Design System.


  1. SalesForce provides two ways to build user interfaces. These are Page Builder and VisualForce. PageBuilder automatically generates pages with default look-and-feel. VisualForce allows developers to define their own user interface.
  2. VisualForce plays the role of JSP or ASP in SalesForce. It is used to develop user interface for SalesForce applications.
  3. VisualForce can be used to support other devices like phones, PDAs.
  4. apex:form is used to display a form. Other VisualForce display elements like text box, checkbox are included in a form.
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  1. Lightning includes the Lightning Component Framework. Through the Lightning Component makes it easy to develop application.
  2. Components are the self-contained and reusable units of an app.
  3. The Developer Console provides tools for developing your components and applications.
  4. Aura framework is a open source for building the Lightning Component framework
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