Organization Setup

User Setup

In Salesforce, each user has Profile which defines User Roles.Each user is uniquely identified with a username, password and profile. Profile Determines which tasks a user can perform, what data the user can see, and what the user can do with the data.
An Administrator can perform Following Tasks:-

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User Interface

User Interface includes the basic layouts provided by salesforce like Home Screen, Headers, Homepage, list view and components.

Homepage and home page components:-Home page components helps to customize the home tab in Salesforce classic .you can customize your home tab by including the components. You may edit the standard component such as message alerts, sidebar links by click on Edit or you may create new custom component by click on new. You can find home page components under Setup at Customize -> Home -> Home Page Components.
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list view :-List View is a specific set of contacts, documents, or other object records. For Example you want to have a list of account whose website should not be empty so you can make a custom list view for these types of requirnment. List view helps you to filter your records so you can quickly access the records from that list view.
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