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Salesforce Applications

  1. To access Force.com platform visit the URL https://login.salesforce.com and click on the Setup link in the top nav bar.

  2. To access apps, select Create|Apps menu in the left navbar.

  3. To create a new Application, a developer needs to specify App Label, App name, description, custom app logo and a list of tabs. App Label is displayed to users, and App name is the internal name referred in code.

  4. An application is a set of tabs.

  5. Tabs are of three types
    1. Custom object Tab
    2. Web Tab
    3. Visual force Tab

  6. Tabs are used to organize objects and records. Each tab is associated with a unique object. A tab also lets you specify a color and an image.

  7. One of the tabs in the application is a default landing page.

  8. Saved applications appear in the Apps menu on the top left navbar

  9. Salesforce provides a Force.com IDE. This is an eclipse plugin application that provides a development environment for VisualForce and Apex.

  10. In Salesforce code without desired test coverage cannot be deployed. A minimum of 75% test coverage must be achieved before deployment.

  11. Native User Interface refers to the default user interface that Salesforce provides

  12. To understand the basics of how our Salesforce works visit this www.npsphelper.com/basics

home | tutorial | Mock Exam