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Force.com Developer Certification Links to other sites

Training Class recommended by Salesforce

Salesforce highly recommends Building Applications with Force.com and Visualforce (DEV401) training for the Force.com developer certification. The training cost is $4,000. If your company is willing to fund it, then I will definitely recommend it.

However if you are willing to go through online tutorials, practise your skills, and go through material on this site, you will be able to clear the exam without taking the training.

Documentation recommended by Salesforce

The document that you should begin with is - Force.com Developer Certification study guide. The guide includes course objectives and five sample questions. Another good start is the official Developer FAQ from Salesforce.

Force.com Platform Fundamentals is the primary documentation recommended by Salesforce for the Force.com certification. If you are not taking the class-room training, plan to go through this manual couple of times.

Force.com Workbook is another wonderful introductory book. If you have no prior experience in Salesforce, then this document is a good start.

Salesforce has a document that provides suggested approach for preparing for Developer Certification.

Salesforce Certification home page has an overview of all the exams.

iTunes tutorial

Salesforce has provided iTunes tutorial which provide online tutorials of all concepts related to Force.com certification. You will need to focus on DEV401 tutorials. This is perhaps the most important free certification resource on Force.com Developer certification. The same material is also available at the Salesforce Channel

Books on Force.com platform

Development with the Force.com Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud by Jason Ouellette explains fundamentals of development using Force.com . The book is not targetted towards certification but gives a very good overview of all topics in the Force.com platform. If you are planning to do extensive development in Force.com, then consider buying this book.

Salesforce Handbook by Wes Nolte and Jeff Douglas targets new Salesforce developers. If you are new to Salesforce platform and need a high-level overview, this is the book for you.

Developer Mock Exams

AllAboutSDFC has eight mock exams of ten questions each.

Other Sites

Lopau has shared a few Force.com key concepts in his blog.

forcecertified.com has provided a tutorial based upon the certification objectives.

eTechCareers provides 45 tips for the Force.com developer certification exam.

Kubilay's Salesforce Dev401 Exam study Questions and Notes has got 87 questions/study notes foussed on the developer exam.

ForceGuru has shared keywords which help to crack bone of Salesforce.com Developer Certification Exam (401).

Quizlet provides some sample questions which may help to crack bone of developer certification exam(401).

Zishan Razzaq has given more than 40 tips for developer certification.

Force.com Advanced Developer Certification

Salesforce advanced developer study guide should be your first resource to read.

Rakesh Gupta gives some tips to crack advance developer certification exam on his blog.

Sales4S has provided a comprehensive tutorial on Force.com Advanced Developer Certification.

Force.com Administrator Certification

Salesforce admin study guide and Advanced Admin study guide should be your first resource.

Bulkified.com has study notes and questions on various topics of Salesforce admin certification.

Proproofs has couple of quizes on Admin certification SFDC ADM 201 Practice Exam - 1 with 90 questions and SFDC ADM 201 Practice Exam - 2 with 54 questions .

Flashcard Machine have also provided a quiz for ADM-201 certification.

Crmverse have provided a home study guide for the preparation of administrator certification

Following link helps for more mock tests.

Force.com Sales and Service Cloud consultant Certification

Salesforce sales cloud study guide and Salesforce service cloud study guide should be your first resource as usual.

Jeff Douglas, arguably the most famous Salesforce blogger, has provided tips on passing the Advanced Developer and Service Cloud Consultant.

Ben Prozinski has provided tips on passing the Service Cloud consultant exam in his blog.

Proprofs has provided 98 question for the preparation of service cloud certification

Salesforce blogs

Shell Black has a set of comprehensive articles on how to perform Salesforce administrative actions like creating emails, configuring web-to-lead, creating HTML emails as well as provide some quiz for the administrator certification.

Harms place is an interesting force.com blog covering variety of topics like Chatter, Salesforce advanced search, adding a pictures to contact details.

Interesting analysis of Salesforce jobs and salaries across the globe

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